Another round of coffee? 9/23/20

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Sound Machine, Slushii, DFib
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Coffee Park

SSH x 15 IC

IST x15 IC

Kim Jung Ils x10 IC


Modified four corners starting at playground and working around the park counterclockwise x 5 rounds increasing reps by original number each lap:

  • 5 pull ups bear crawl to large tree in NE corner
  • 10 squats; run to bleachers in NW corner
  • 5 derkins; backward run to SW corner
  • 10 Russian twists; sprint back to SE corner playground equipment

Omaha after 4 rounds to get in some TCB suicides starting at the far north end of Turtle Creek Blvd:

  • Start with a T merkin x1
  • Run to alley
  • Carolina dry dock x1
  • Bear crawl back to start; complete T merkin x1
  • Sprint to Villanova
  • Burpee x1
  • Sprint back to start

Repeato adding one rep (Omaha run for bear crawl in rd 2)

Mosey back to playground to finish

YHC prayed us out, and then talked a bit about opening up and being vulnerable with the PAX.  This is a key tenet of F3.  It also allowed YHC to plug, once again, the necessity of Shield Lock groups, but also open up about struggles at home with kids and general family life during Covid.    

Random mumblechatter throughout workout especially during bear crawls.  YHC and Aaarrggghhh attempted to EH a park patron after a round of derkins but neither of us had a card so YHC pulled some out of the car during the next sprint.  Pullups are definitely a weak spot for most PAX since the beginning of Covid so it was nice to get in some quality lat work.