Q Source – The King of the Preparedness Kingdom

4 PAX (AlrightAlright, Ina, Sally, and Walmart) met at Chick-Fil-A to discuss the King of the preparedness kingdom: Fitness. PAX talked about what festering distractions look like in real life. PAX considered that wanting to be overprepared could hinder a man’s acceleration. The Q wondered how a man can tell when he is prepared enough, specifically for things like the CSAUP.

Some discussion went to the interplay among the King and Queen in anticipation of the Q Source material to come. All PAX talked about the need to push ourselves by chasing after faster men. We decided that the faster men must be careful not to let themselves slow down when slower men are around, as this will hinder the slower men’s acceleration. In fact, the faster man must push himself to finish quicker so that he can go back and run with the slower man. This is true iron sharpening iron.