Backblast – Lindsley Park 3/19/21

PAX: Teasip, Gummy Bear, Gusher, Sex Panther, Big Tex, Oatmeal, Alright Alright, Special Sauce, Stingray, Rump Roast, Classified, Agnes, Avril, D Fib, Slushii, Gold Digger, Trash Panda, Draper, Coach K, Ant Man
QIC: Armpit

AO: Lindsley Park

WEATHER: 45 degrees Fahrenheit with a light breeze.
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given (to the best of my ability)

Side Straddle Hops x25 in cadence

Imperial Storm Troopers x20 in cadence

Veggie Pickers x15 in cadence

Mosey 1 full lap around Lindsley park

Step Ups on bench x8 per leg

Derkins x10

Claymakers x8 per leg

Tricep dips on bench x10

Run 1 lap full lap around park

*Repeat the above 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds

Mosey to bottom of Santa Monica Drive

Run backwards up Santa Monica to corner of Blair, Plank Jacks x15.

Run forward up Blair toward corner of Santa Fe Ave. Squats x15

Run backwards down Santa Fe to Tenison. American Hammers x15

Run forward down Tenison to Santa Monica. Merkins x10

*Repeat until time is called

Penguin crunches x20

Freddie Mercurys x25

Merkins (with tight core) x10

Grateful for the opportunity to lead this group of men through a grueling full (but mostly lower) body workout. Humbled by the amazing turnout. QIC made a point to acknowledge the breath and the life that it provides, giving thanks for our breath as a regulator and its ability to allow us to work out and push our bodies. YHC prayed for these men and their families, thanked Him for this beautiful morning and the chance to come together as a community and lift each other up to be better men.


Great showing for the VQ! Ah yes, and the rare Kotters and VQ combo! YHC finally pulled himself out of the fartsack and back out to lead a strong group through a grueling and action-packed Q. The westsiders not only showed up to run, but they crushed this thing (albeit not without some complaining). Rump Roast continued his streak for a perfect week (nice work, Rump!), while the PAX graciously jumped in to help YHC when needed. Overall a great workout and a fun time. Enjoyed some cold beverages to wash down the beatdown and start off the weekend right.

1. San Antonio Go Ruck

2. F3 Golf (will it happen?)