Burning Off the Christmas Cookies

PAX: Mookie
QIC: Walmart

AO: Vines High School / Liberty Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given. Q is not a professional. PAX are at the workout voluntarily and should modify as necessary to avoid injury. Neither Q nor F3 will be liable for any injury.

SSH x25 IC

Moroccan Night Club x25 IC

Seal x25 IC

Squat x25 IC

Slow Merkin (3 counts down, 1 count up) x10 IC

Pickle Pounder x10

Mosey around the block to the parking lot behind the school.

Jacob’s Ladder: PAX run from curb to curb across the parking lot, starting with 1 Merkin at one end, then 10 squats at the other. PAX run back to the start for 2 Merkins, then back across for 9 squats, etc. Repeato until PAX reach 10 Merkins and 1 squat.

LBC x25 IC

Leg raise x25

Run 2 laps around the parking lot.

Freddie Mercury x15 IC

Flutterkick x15 IC

Run 2 laps around the parking lot.

Mosey back to the front parking lot.

Boxcutter x20 IC

Big Boy Situp x20 IC

American Hammer x20 IC

PAX prayed for safe and healthy holidays.

PAX talked about the latest election developments and the coronavirus vaccine. On a happier note, PAX shared what they got for Christmas and all the fun ways their families celebrated. Mookie lamented having to build a trampoline in the middle of the cold, windy night. Walmart’s highlight was the shrimp gumbo his family made for Christmas dinner.

Next workout is at Watters Creek in Allen on Thursday due to the heavy rain forecast.