Carolinas Take Over

PAX: Isaiah, Oatmeal, Pepper, Plus One, Podcast, Teasip, Rump Roast, Special Sauce, Walmart
QIC: AlrightAlright, Coach K

AO: Burleson

SSH x20
IST x15

Alright Alright –

Dora with LBCs (200), Bicycles (400), Flutter Kicks (600). Other PAX runs across football field and back.

Mosey to tennis court for bear crawl paint the lines (2 courts). Jacob’s ladder with burpees. Another bear crawl paint the lines (2 courts).

Coach K –

Two teams race to get sandbag via tunnel of love and bring it back via overhead passes. Complete 2 races.

Dirty McUno (half a Dirty McDeuce) with one-legged Irkens, burpees, dips, and wall-sits.

Lance Armstrong x24

Prayers for Sally, et al heading to Haiti for the week

Three started the fun early with a 3 mile run prior to the beatdown. PAX are starting to prep for the CSAUP event in March; ironically, the three PAX that ran this morning were the last three that need to train for it.

YHC and Alright Alright double-teamed the Q so PAX could get plenty of cardio in light of YHC’s lingering injury. Due to a mix-up of clocks (PAX can vote whether Special Sauce’s or AA’s watch was more accurate), the disclaimer was given twice resulting in light-hearted head-bashing between the Qs to kick off the beatdown.

AA provided plenty of cardio for the PAX but was kind enough to stay close enough for the injured YHC and Oatmeal to remain with the group and feel a part of the team – a leader if there ever was one. There wasn’t a whole lot of mumblechatter throughout the Dora, but it seemed to pick up when they moseyed to the tennis courts as AA kept pushing the slackers along during paint the lines. YHC and Oatmeal could hear from a distance while setting up for my part of the Q. Halfway through the workout, Podcast decided to bail on his fellow PAX. He had a reasonable excuse, but YHC is still bitter after last week and feels compelled to call him out.

1 minute prior to time, AA relinquished control. YHC knows it pained him to his core and appreciates the sacrifice, though the competitions that followed more than made up for it. All PAX were on board for the team competition, but only the Qs were genuinely excited for the Tunnel of Love portion. Nothing sparks mumblechatter quite like mentioning something PAX hate, and then listening to their sweet moans and groans. Round one ended with YHC’s team taking the victory, but AA’s team took round two. Granted, their sandbag ripped, so results are under audit.

To wrap things up, YHC led an homage to the tripod brothers (Oatmeal and YHC both with injured ankles) with a series of one-legged exercises. PAX didn’t see the big deal until forced to do one-legged burpees. We wrapped up with the ultimate lopsided exercise…Lance Armstrong.

YHC didn’t make it to Bubba’s but AA is free to add in anything missed during his portion of the workout or Coffeeteria. YHC is grateful for his help today and over the years, and PAX shouldn’t be surprised if we team up for another co-Q. Duke-Carolina game perhaps?

1. Texas Independence Day 18K #TID18K is set for March 2nd