Chains & Ropes…what’s in F150s garage?

PAX: Sally, Oatmeal, AlrightAlright, Icebox
QIC: F150

AO: Glencoe Park

Side Straddle Hops IC x20
Imperial Storm Troopers IC x20
Overhead claps IC x20
Prisoner Squat IC x20

Jog around park at each corner
Merkin x25 OYO

Partner 1 – 5 Hanging Ab Crunches (left, center, right) , 5 Swirkins; Partner 2 – Plank

Cliffhanger Merkins IC x15 – P2 will hold P1’s legs in the air while P1 completes the required number of Merkins

Mosey to fields
Coupon pulls (PAX pulls 1 coupon w/ chain 50 ft, other PAX do exercise called out by PAX) – We made it through the rotation 2 times with some of the following exercises: Sumo Squats, SSH, Overhead press, Windmills, Pulsating arms forward, Thrusters, High knees, and a couple of others.

Mosey over to the cover picnic area for some Mary

Boat/Canoe IC x20
Aw Yeah’s IC x20 each side
Captian Thors IC to 5 BBS (1:4)

PAX we are not guaranteed a morning to awaken up to each day. For those with children and wife, hug them daily and let them know you love them. With the men at work or your co-workers don’t allow tension between yourself and them. Invite the men around you to come join us and be part of this great brotherhood.

This gloom we kicked off warming up with no WalMart, who had posted on Band that he was bringing a FNG most likely. Must have gotten lost. Durning our warmup Icebox tried to help AlrightAlright with a stretch for his back since it was hurt. Turns out AlrightAlright didn’t get that it was for him and not for Icebox. Several comments were made throughout the morning bout Millennials but that did not stop any progress in the beatdown. We quickly made a lap around Glencoe stopping at the first three corners and then at the playground to do 25 OYO merkins. During our warm up lap AlrightAlright mentioned that he could do this all morning, like that will a happen with me leading a beatdown.

Sally began shedding clothing upon returning to the covered picnic area at some point it came down to his last layer and he was encouraged to keep that layer on. If Dallas Parks ever calls about tracks in the park we don’t know much about what they are asking about. We managed to our shoes soaked pretty well even without the rain. During the coupon pull questions began to be raised about what my garage must look like with all the stuff I bring for workouts.

We managed to finish at just the perfect time.

1. Q of the year competition – nominate your Q (has to be someone other than yourself. Top nominations will face off in a Q competition.