Close but not too close

AO: Caruth Park

Mountain Climbers
Uptown Crunch

Mosey across Hillcrest East on Greenbriar to Airline.
– Plank till all in
– Crazy Crab Dips IC x10
Mosey North on Airline to Caruth Blvd then West towards Hillcrest.
– Shoulder Tap Merkins IC x10 (slightly confusing when to shoulder tap at one point)
Mosey West on Caruth to Turtle Creek Blvd.
– Crazy Crab Dips IC x10
Mosey South on Turtle Creek Blvd to tennis courts at Caruth Park.

Partner up:
Resistant run across and back.
Merkin 5’s IC x10
Obliques of love IC x10
Wheelbarrow across and back 1 Merkin at each line.
Partner carry across tennis court squat at each line.
Gorilla Squats with High 5 IC x10
Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to soft top

Flutter Kicks IC x12
Rinse and Repeat
Shoulder Tap Merkins IC x10
Rugby setups IC x10
Rinse and Repeat

PAX: Sambuca, Don’tChaKnow (Greensboro), Ina, F150, Isaiah, Oompa Loompa (Charlotte), Gambler, Rocket Man, AlrightAlright, Aaarrrggghhh, Special Sauce, Spread; FNG: Boney Express
QIC: Splash

Such a great day to get out in the gloom with the men of F3 Dallas. This morning counting/deciding on how to count was a struggle early on, however Splash got the men together by the end. There was a good bit of mummblechatter about the closeness of partners in some of the beatdown, but it made for a great workout. While upon the tennis court F150 kept dropping Boney Express…nice initiation.

While doing flutter kicks our beloved Pepper was mentioned, but the PAX quickly recalled that it was not his Q so attendance questionable…it was mentioned that he was to bring an FNG with him but the PAX never saw either. Great morning to have two Willy Lomans join us – Don’tChaKnow and Rocket Man and to have RESPECT for Boney Express for joining us and being excited to get Sad Clowns from SMU to join us in the gloom.

At one point Aaarrrggghhh shared how a particular door to a home looked to be very welcoming and almost like it says “come on in.” He quickly points this house out on most moseys down Caruth Blvd.


1. Happy hour May 11
2. Scotch Club May 17
3. GrowRuck12 (Memphis, TN) Sept 21-23