Cold. I don’t care what Ina says.

PAX: Chairman Mao, Ina, Sally
QIC: Alright Alright

The temperature and wind were not kind this morning. Ina noted that the headwind on White Rock Trail made the run more difficult than usual. It could also be because he got out of the gate at Usain Bolt pace and led us to a 6:52 first mile.

YHC: 7:10 Pace
Ina: 7:35 Pace
Sally: 8:00 Pace
Chairman: His own pace. He ran 3 miles then decided that he wanted more difficulty, so he closed his workout with 3 sprints up Flag Pole Hill.

Ina, Sally and YHC joined F150 and Icebox for an extra #ruck lap after the run.

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