Daddy Day Care with Oatmeal – 9/6/19

PAX: Draper, Sally, PowPow
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Oatmeal’s Front Yard


  • SSH
  • IST
  • Windmills

Warm up run down the block and back around 70%.

PAX partnered up and alternated through the following:


  • Pipe bomb curls x20
  • Plank rows with 20lb dumbbells x20 SC
  • Battle rope (verticle) x20 each arm
  • Ab roller on knees x20
  • Nipplers x10 (for half the PAX anyway)
  • OH press with dumbbells x10
  • Battle rope (lateral) x 20 each arm
  • Downward dog ab roller x10


  • Rd1: Run to corner of block, grab 50lb sandbag, carry one block, 10 squats with bag, return sandbag to start. Run to change with partner
  • Rd2: Run to corner of block, bear crawl halfway down block, lunge walk to end, 15 groiners, backward run back to start. Run and change with partner.

MARY: PAX choice for three minutes to finish.

YHC prayed us out and thanked the PAX for showing up and allowing me to get in a workout while my M was out of town and my girls slept in their beds.

YHC posted a late Omaha Thursday night that I would Q a workout in my front yard mostly as motivation to get out of bed and workout while the M was gone never expecting to have takers.  But being the HIM’s they are and not wanting to leave a brother behind, three PAX joined me on my home court.  Powpow was gracious enough to bring a few toys, but got concerned as the clock hit 5:30 and he was a no show.  Alas, he arrived, and my concern over the extreme traffic over his two block commute subsided.  It was noted prior to giving the disclaimer the increased importance for my personal liability insurance purposes as well!  The workout commenced while we watched a poor soul spend almost 30 minutes trying to back a 30 foot travel trailer into a residential driveway.  Although at one point I heard Draper extol the virtues of F3 and invite the man to join our workout.  At the end of the workout Sally and Draper suddenly remembered that they had omitted the nipplers in the exercise rotation.  I am pleased to announce that the 2.0’s slept through the entire workout (the baby monitor was my workout companion) and I am extremely appreciative of my fellow brothers accommodating my silly request in order to get in a workout.  While this detracted from our other two AO’s, this fully embodies the F3 culture by leaving no man behind.  Thank you again brothers those that participated and those that humored this silly detour!