DT 11/11/2019

#backblast DT 11/11/2019

PAX: Plus One , Rachel, Coach K , Oatmeal , Dr.Suess , Sally (also QIC)

SSH x 10

The Thang:
We all did some running. It was kind of hot (mid-60s), with moderate humidity and wind of probably 10+ MPH.

Mumblechatter / notable events:
1) Kotters to Rachel – “It’s probably been 3 years.” Were we on a break?
2) At 05:30, there were at least 3 other runners meeting at our AO to run together. Coach showed up slightly late and when they took a different route, he was temporarily swindled into thinking the PAX were doing a special workout. After chasing them down (which scared them), he got back on track with us.
3) YHC wore an ankle light band which brought comments such as “How’s house arrest?!” And “I’m going to be distracted by that thing.”

Don’t think we set records today, but we all got better. Let’s do it again tomorrow. #ISI