Chutes and Ladders

DATE: 11/9/2019
TEMP: 36
WEATHER: Perfectly cool and sunny.

PAX: Eruzione, Maverick, Spackler, JK2, Walmart
QIC: Walmart

AO: Liberty Park

WELCOME/DISCLAIMER: Q gave welcome and disclaimer.

-IW x10 IC
-SSH x25 IC
-Overhead Claps x15 IC
-Moroccan Nightclub x15 IC
-Forward Arm Circle x15 IC
-Backward Arm Circle x15 IC
-Bone the Fish across the parking lot.


Mosey to track.

Burpee mile: PAX do 4 laps around the track, stopping to do 10 burpees after each lap (40 burpees total).

Mosey to playground.

Jacob’s ladders:
-Ladder 1: Swerkins and pullups. PAX do 4 Swerkins, then run to the monkey bars for 1 pull-up. Then 3 Swerkins and 2 pull-ups, 2 Swerkins and 3 pull-ups, etc. One lap around the playground after finishing, then repeat the ladder and lap.

-Ladder 2: Irkins and dips. PAX do 4 Irkins on the curb, then bear crawl to the picnic tables for 1 dip. Then 3 Irkins and 2 dips, 2 Irkins and 3 dips, etc. One lap around the playground after finishing, then repeat the ladder and lap.

Mosey to the tennis courts.

Doracides: PAX split into a group of 2 and a group of 3. PAX in the group of 2 had one PAX run a suicide while another did Monkey Humpers. Once the first PAX finished the suicide, they alternated. Group of 2 did 150 Monkey Humpers, while the group of 3 did 225.

Mosey to parking lot.

-LBC x15 IC
-Uptown Crunch right over left x10 IC
-Uptown Crunch left over right x10 IC
-Box Cutters x15 IC
-Leg Raises X10 OC
-Freddie Mercury x10 IC

CIRCLE OF TRUST: Q prayed for the PAX and F3.

MOLESKIN: PAX got to know Spackler and JK2 visiting from North Carolina. PAX also discussed ways to increase attendance by reaching out to FNGs via the Next Door app and awkward in-person encounters.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2nd F looks set for Nov. 22. Check out Maverick‘s post about possible activities, which include Pinstack, Top Golf, or Main Event. Speak now to weigh in on what we should do.