Figure 8 SMU Run

PAX: Alright Alright,  Pow Pow, Ina, Oatmeal, Special Sauce
QIC: Draper

AO: La Madaline

Mosey to SMU BLVD

15x SSH IC

15x HillBillies IC

15x Windmill IC

10x Merkins IC

Mosey to the area between the SMU track and SMU stadium


Run figure 8’s around the stadium and the track.

Each time the PAX made it to the center (1/2 of the 8) complete the following

10x Merkins

20x Squats

30x LBC’s

MOLESKIN: As we started to mosey to meet the 2nd choice PAX’ers a lot of Mumblechatter started as fear of not getting the run in set in.  We met the rest of the PAX at SMU blvd, did a quick warm up and mosey’d between to the stadium and track.  Here I stole @PlusOne’s figure 8 path and the exercises and the PAX were off.  Not much chatter during the workout as everyone was on their own pace.  Most finished a full round of 7 and completed the exercises for 8 which if you were keeping track is 80 merkins, 160 squats and 240 lbc’s.  The elite few made it through round 9.


  • Turkey Trot Saturday
  • Q of the year.  Nominations are open and tournament starts Monday 11/30