How many layers is too many?

PAX: Ant Man (and Eli), Rump Roast, Candy Land, Alright Alright, Sally (and Roxie)
QIC: Mile High

AO: Flag Pole Hill

Perfect weather for a MuttRuckMonday. Some PAX started off with many layers, erring on the side of warmth. This decision came to be regretted after the first 1/2 mile. Typical rucking mumblechatter ranging from jack russell terriers’ aptitude for rabbit hunting to the apparent demise of the other workout at Flag Pole Hill. Candy Land decided to finish off the last 100(ish) yards with a jog back which spurred AlrightAlright to challenge him. Candy Land won out.

YHC prayed us out.

1. The website is funded.
2. Oatmeal started an F3 Dallas team for Run Ranger Run in February. Refer to the chat on band for more information.