IR Thursday (Alt workout)

PAX: Rump Roast, Coach K
QIC: Oatmeal (Alternate Q)

AO: Burleson Park(ing Garage)
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given by Alright Alright

Led by Alright Alright:



YHC volunteered to take the handiQ today.  The three less mobile PAX made two trips up the parking garage with an exercise at each level using a variety of techniques to make our way up each level (lunges, bear crawls, crab walks, parking line burpees – 2 per line up ramp, hobble jog (at least for YHC)).  PAX completed a variety of squats, burpees, People’s Chair, overhead claps, merkins, derkins as they increased in altitude.  Exact numbers and order are blurry, but no less than 15 per level mostly in cadence except for burpees (x15 OYO).

Coach K suggested bear crawl down stairs on our first descent down the garage.  YHC must admit he is in need of much improvement to accomplish this awkward exercise, but gave the old college try to get down all flights.  On the second descent down the stairs, YHC had the brilliant idea that the PAX do dips as they descended the staircase.  Coach K quickly pointed out the idea was 10; execution a mere 0.

Flutter kicks


Alright Alright prayed us out

Good bit of mumberchatter since cardio is more difficult when nursing a bum ankle.  PAX did mention their fondness for leg workouts and how they have been deprived of such joy in the recent past so YHC did his best to serve up a good bit of leg exercises, but only in a truly loving manner.  Remember, leadership is about serving with love!  Coach K was his typical bubbly 5:30 self, which we always appreciate.  I really think he admired us following his call to arms on Tuesday and adding to what may be a weekly record of burpees.

Keep up with RRR mileage logging.  I clocked 2.4M this morning, but I don’t trust my watch…YMMV!