Jack and Jill Went up the Hill

PAX: Sally
QIC: Coach K

AO: Norbuck Park

Mosey to the top of Flag Pole Hill

Dirty McDeuce with Irkens, Derkins, Claymakers, and Dips
Run down and back up Flag Pole Hill before each set

Mosey back to Norbuck Park

Baby Rampage: Bear Crawl up hill and crabwalk down then do a burpee. Repeato with increasing number of burpees until 8 burpees have been completed

Take a lap around the baseball field and mosey to playground for a few rounds of pull ups

Sally got called in to work the night shift, so YHC was a bit surprised to see him post. Also nice to know I’m not the only sleep deprived PAX showing up to workouts. We took full advantage of working out near the only hill within a 50 mile radius of the city of Dallas. Flag Pole Hill is definitely an underused AO, though understandable given it’s location.