Keeping Glencoe Fun!

PAX: Sally, Draper, AlrightAlright, Cyclops (Willy Loman from the Fort), Aaarrrggghhh, Sex Panther, Icebox, Pow Pow
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Glencoe Park

SSH x 16 IC

Cotton Pickers x 11 IC

Hillbillies x 16 IC

YHC had PAX bring the coupons for a little fun in the park.  However, YHC started with an Indian Run around the park before grabbing coupons and moseying to the field.  YHC commenced a Four Corners routine that consisted of the following with coupons at each corner:

Squat thrusts x10

Flutters (DC) x10

Overhead Press x10

Squats x10 (although YHC remembered after the workout that his original plan called for coupon swings.  Senior moments are already starting!!)

Traveling between corners, the PAX Cousack walked the length of the field (coupon overhead) and lunge walked across field with coupon. 

With 8 minutes to go in the workout, YHC called the PAX together in the middle of the field to partake in Down/Ups on Coach Icebox’s whistle for three minutes.  PAX then moseyed back to the pavilion to complete Flutterkicks x20 IC holding coupons, Hammer Presses x10 IC and with the few seconds remaining in the workout, Merkins x 20.

As a bonus to the PAX throughout the workout, at the top of every minute PAX completed five merkins the duration of the workout!

YHC commented on the need to improve mental toughness in workouts, which will flow into PAXs’ everyday life.  We welcomed Cyclops from The Fort, which is right outside the Mothership in Charlotte!

YHC requested PAX bring coupons in the preblast, which apparently scared away RumpRoast who commented and then ghosted us this morning!  Speaking of Rump, no F bombs flew that I heard this morning, but I know PAX really “enjoyed” the coupon work and excessive use of the shoulders and legs.  YHC was proud of his whistle purchase, but had to pass it off to Icebox since YHC’s watch is apparently a unitasker.  Merkins on the minute were a hit as I’m sure were the flutters and down/up’s in the wet and cold grass!  A special thanks goes out the Coach @Icebox for wielding the whistle throughout the beat down!

1. CSAUP on Nov 1 @ 11:59p.  Rally point is Burleson Park.

  1. Get your CSAUP shirt orders in by Friday!! Currently 8 shirts away from fulfilling order.
  2. Q Source tomorrow @ CFA on Hillcrest 1800.