“It Felt Like Shoulder Day”

PAX: F-150, Stingray, Pitbull, Backdraft
QIC: Sally

AO: Moss Haven Elementary Concrete Pad – I propose dubbed “the grinder”
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME:  Given. Tried to get through it quickly but couldn’t today – apologies @Oatmeal!

SSH x 20
IST x 16
Daisy Pickers x 12

4 Corners – PAX have to bear crawl, burpee broad jump, crawl bear, and lunge walk the 4 borders of the grinder. Complete 4 laps each. Additionally, 1 PAX must be in the middle of the grinder doing flutter kicks at all times. PAX can switch into/out of the middle by request.

Short Distance Jacob’s Ladder – PAX inchworm the length of the grinder, perform 6 Carolina Dry-Docks. Crab walk back, do 1 merkin. Repeato, with Dry-Docks decreasing from 6 to 4 and merkins increasing from 1 to 3. At this point, modify the inchworm to broad jumping and modify the merkins to squats for the remainder of the Ladder.

Circle up – Merkin ring of fire up to 30 (6 each)

Superman’s x 20, Crab Cakes x 20, Plank x 1 minute with alternating leg lifts

Done. Prayers for those in Dallas affected by the storms as well as those close to us whom are dealing with illness and disease.

Great to get 5 guys out to LH on a last-minute AO change in cold, rainy, and stormy weather.

This Q required a lot of Omaha’ing: due to lightning arriving ~5:10, we had a last minute AO change to Moss Haven where there’s a large concrete pad with a very high ceiling and 2 open-air walls.

We got to work making use of the limited space, and followed in the footsteps of other successful Q’s: a 4 Corners workout (h/t Oatmeal and Aaarrrggghhh), a Jacob’s Ladder with plenty of animal crawling (h/t AlrightAlright, Coach K), and Shoulder Day – (h/t Icebox).

Seemed like we all got a good beatdown, had some good 2nd F (including talking about the Red Bull Soapbox Race last month, in which @Pitbull just piloted the championship car), and had a good 3rd F start to our day as well.

1. QSource tonight 1800 CFA on Hillcrest and Friday at lunch 11:30 (maybe Preston Center?)
2. Panzerschwein CSAUP 2.5 days away – get involved however you can, it will be worth it!