Ladders and Sprints

DATE: 8/1/20

TEMP: 70.

WEATHER: Breezy and cool in the shade.



PAX: Eruzione, Walmart.

QIC: Walmart.


AO: Rice Middle School.





-SSH x25 IC

-Imperial Storm Trooper x15 IC

-Windmill x15 IC

-Forward Arm Circle x15 IC

-Backward Arm Circle x15 IC

-Pickle Pounder x15 OYO



Mosey to the hill behind the school.

Jacob’s Ladder: PAX do 9 reps of an exercise at the bottom of the hill, then run to the top and do 1 rep of the next exercise. PAX run back down the hill and do 8 reps of the first exercise, then back up for 2 reps, back down for 7 reps, etc.

-Irkin / Burpee

-Rosalita / WWI Situp

-Calf Raise / Jump Squat


Mosey to the practice football field.



-100-yard sprint across the field.

-Squat x25. 100-yard sprint across the field.

-Lunge x25 (double count). 100-yard sprint across the field.

-Monkey Humper x25. 100-yard sprint across the field.


Mosey back to the front of the school.



-Flutterkick x25 IC.

-LBC x25 OYO.

-Box Cutter x25 IC.

-Freddie Mercury x25 IC.


CIRCLE OF TRUST: Q prayed for the pandemic and for the parents, children, and teachers preparing to begin school in August.

MOLESKIN: PAX talked about DFW school districts’ plans for returning to school. Q shared the delays and uncertainty surrounding the Texas bar exam. Eruzione, aftering watching “The Firm,” advised Q not to become involved in a law firm that helps mobsters evade taxes.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: GrowRuck Alamo is coming up! Sign up by August 15 to make sure you get a t-shirt. It will be an awesome weekend of fellowship with PAX from all over Texas.