Running Round the Boulevard – 07/23/20

PAX: AlrightAlright, Sound Machine (FNG), Teasip, PowPow
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: La Madeleine

SSH x 15 IC

IST x15 IC

Windmill x10 IC


Mosey to the Boulevard for some team running.  As generally happens when YHC Q’s a partner workout, we had an odd number of PAX so we split into a team of two and a team of three.  Using the Deck of Death on YHC’s phone, I chose a card and PAX completed the number and  exercise shown on the card.  Once completed, one PAX ran clockwise and the other(s) ran counter-clockwise and upon meeting completed the exercises again.  The lone caveat was that if the card showed reps of five or less, the PAX ran the big loop, anything greater than five was a small loop. 

Totals are as follows:

Burpees: 44

Squats: 18

LBC’s: 8

Merkins: 20                                                                                                          

We also hit just over four miles as well! 

YHC prayed us out (thanks to AlrightAlright for reminding me).

I seem to remember that PAX wanted to run so I delivered (or perhaps that just came to me in a dream). We welcomed Sound Machine was EH’d by Classified (he received the credit since SM could only remember his name).  Once on the Boulevard, the thought of having to do multiple big loops to the flag pole scared even AlrightAlright, fortunately the cards were in our favor (something I wish would happen in Vegas) and we only had to run two large laps, however, the burpees kept coming up, which did not please the PAX.  A quick mosey back to the parking lot and we were finished!  Tclaps to Sound Machine for surviving and thriving in this workout, which was not necessarily FNG friendly, and he continued showing up following this workout as well!