Let’s Go Right…No Wait, it’s Left…Which Pond Are We Going to Again?

DATE: 12/16/2019

TEMP: 39



PAX: Rabbit, Maverick, and Walmart.

QIC: Walmart.

AO: Oak Point Nature Preserve.


WARM-O-RAMA: OYO stretching for 1 minute.

THE THANG: 4 mile run through the Oak Point trails. PAX ran a typical Monday Runday route. Q was set on doing a loop around a pond, but couldn’t remember which trail to take at the first fork to get there. As it turns out, Q couldn’t lose, because either direction would have taken PAX to a pond. PAX kept the pace at a an 8:32 mile.

MARY: None.

CIRCLE OF TRUST: PAX shared struggles with family traveling for the upcoming holidays, and hard work conversations that would be happening soon. PAX prayed for these, and for the men who couldn’t be in the Gloom.

MOLESKIN: Lots of Mumblechatter at the start, but it dropped off around 2.5 miles as the Q started sucking wind. PAX talked about the races that DFW PAX had taken part in on Sunday. All agreed that we hoped to see Strangler, Boomer, and Silicon now that they had finished their races.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: F3 Texas is looking at having a Grow Ruck in the fall of 2020. Details are pending, but Q will circulate a sign-up sheet once the date and location are settled so that we can start EH-ing. It’s never too early to try to get FNGs on board.