Date: 6/11/19

AO: Liberty Park in Plano, TX

Conditions: Cool breeze in the air

PAX: Eruzione, Hopper, QIC: The (Scranton) Stranger

Quick Mosey
10 Good mornings
10 Baby Arm Circles
10 Opposite Baby Arm Circles
10 Overhead Presses
20 Walking Toe Touches
50 SSH

The Thang
Workstation 1) Mile run, after every lap around the track complete 20 Merkins, 30 Squats, 40 LBC’s

Workstation 2) Football field – Alternating side squat to the 10, lunge to the 20, bear crawl to the 30, crab walk to the 40 then sprint to the endzone
– Rinse and repeat
Workstation 3) Start with a plank circuit in the enzone then bear crawl to the 10, crawl bear to the 20, crab walk to the 30, opposite hand/opposite foot hop to the 40, reverse hand and foot to the 50, sprint to the endzone.

– Quick 20 merkins/50 mountain climbers
– Rinse and repeat Workstation 3 – except lunge the final 50 yards.

1 Cool down lap around the track followed by some Good mornings

Circle of Trust, Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama:
The day began in confusion of where to meet (my bad) but on the final lap of Workstation 1 Eruzione and myself were pleasantly surprised to be joined by none other than Hopper (who has been on a 1-year sabbatical). Glad to have you back in the mix Hopper!

Prayer requests: General prayer for overall safety and well being for everyone’s children. Also, lifted up the F3 babies (Baby Boomer, and Thunderlips’ newborn).

Honored to serve,