The DJ’s Birthday Beatdown


Sweet Baby Aaarrrggghhh AlrightAlright Rump Roast PowPow Sally Draper Oatmeal Gold Digger Teasip Goose (Willie Loman from Columbus) joined YHC for my bday beatdown

Here’s the thang

Warmup: SSH, IST, windmills

Burpee mile: at own pace, run 1/4 mile, 12 burpees, repeat 3 times. Once finished picked up the six and did 10 more burpees for kicks

Arms by Mrs Icebox:
20 lil baby arm circles forward
20 lil baby arm circles backward
20 lil baby arm pulses thumbs up
10 lil baby arm pulses thumbs down (stopped at 10 because most of the PAX couldn’t keep their arms up anymore, YHC included)


Five reps of the following 7 times
Rugby sit ups

Money to tennis courts for a couple of rounds of paint the lines and some Mary

Thanks to everyone who came out to help me start my bday off on the right foot. Pumped to be in better shape at 35 than I was at 25 (not saying a whole lot about my 25 YO self…)


Q Sources Wednesday night and Friday lunch
Happy hour in splash’s front yard Friday