Look the gate is open

AO: La Madeline

SSH x25
IST x20
Cotton Pickers x15

Mosey to Track for a Dirty MacDeuce
Squats, Merkins, LBCs, OHD Claps
I’m between sets, run the stairs with racoon crawls between staircases

Mosey to SMU Stadium and jogged around for a bit because…well keep reading for that.

DMD Part 2
Claymakers, Irkens, Flutter Kicks


PAX: AlrightAlright, F150, Oatmeal
QIC: Coach K

F150 prayed us out.

My promise for a lighthearted Q was upheld, allowing for a lot of mumblechatter mostly about football. Don’t think we had any major football upsets, so that wasn’t any fun. Oatmeal commented on Wake’s OT victory against a “strong” Tulane squad, but a win is a win.

After the first few rounds of the DMD, YHC noticed that the big stadium gates were open. Having never been inside, I was curious. So we finished the last round there, but overall was very underwhelmed by the stadium. It’s no state school, so understandable. Though you’d think the old money neighborhood could afford some better seats in my humble opinion. (I don’t think we have any SMU fans so that shade was all for nothing).

As we were trying to leave though, we found ourselves locked in the stadium. The guard who watched us run in padlocked the gate behind us, so we ended up circling the stadium for a bit trying to find a way out. Hindsight, we probably should’ve take more advantage of the situation, but had a tee time to get too. We ended up having to run down onto the field and then up the delivery ramp, which fortunately wasnt locked.

We moseyed near some of the dorms because, as splash graciously pointed out last night, YHC needs a girlfriend. A couple of dudes warned us that a 6am fire drill was gonna send the students outside. Some quick jokes were made about finding a girl in the situation, but post-Thursday night at 6am didn’t seem like the ideal time to find Mrs. Coach K…Mrs. K? Mrs. Coach?

Pretty chill morning all in all. Ozonas tomorrow for a day of football and beers. Ms are invited. Next happy hour is 9/14 with Ms also invited. Teasip and YHC are trying to find a concert for that evening as well. For the umpteenth time a discussion about a poker night has been started, so place your bets on whether that comes to fruition.

1. Ozona post workout college football tomorrow.
2. Sept. 14 – 2nd F Happy Hour