Playground of Pain

PAX: Rabbit, Eruzione, Mookie
QIC: Walmart

AO: Vines High School / Liberty Park

DATE: 11/17/2020

F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given. Q is not a professional. PAX are at the workout voluntarily. Neither Q or F3 is liable. Modify as necessary.

IST x20 IC

Forward Arm Circles x20 IC

Backward Arm Circles x20 IC

SSH x25 IC


Mosey to the tennis courts.

Jacob’s Ladder: PAX started with 1 burpee, then ran across two tennis courts, then did 4 double count Bonnie Blairs. PAX ran back to the start for 2 burpees, then back across for 3 Bonnie Blairs, etc., until PAX did 1 Bonnie Blair and 4 burpees. Reps totaled 5 each time. PAX that finished early held an Al Gore pose until all in.

Al Gore for 30 seconds.

Native American Run around the block to the playground.

Playground Dora: PAX split into pairs. Pairs were jointly responsible for the following reps. One PAX does reps while the partner runs one lap around the playground, then PAX switch.

-Pullup x100

-Merkin x200

-LBC x300

American Hammer x15 IC

Flutterkick x15 IC

PAX prayed for Mookie’s friend sick with COVID and pneumonia.

PAX talked about the ongoing election cases and whether Texas would force another shutdown due to COVID.

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