Sandbaggin’ it – 11/18/20

PAX: Stingray, AlrightAlright, Draper
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: The Harbor

SSH x 15 IC

Hillbillies x15 IC

Windmills (or the Praise Jesus) x 10 IC


PAX chose a sandbag and we began a camel pack mosey east to Fieldcrest for some 5x5x5 stops at each “corner” of the park:

 Fieldcrest: 5 sets: 5X burpees, 5X sandbag curls

Camel pack mosey to playground in SE corner of park: 5 sets: 5X sandbag step ups DC, run around perimeter of playground 5X dead bugs DC (x2)

Camel pack mosey to rec center parking lot: 5 sets: 5X HR merkins, backward run up hill with sandbag, 5X squats with bag

Camel pack mosey back to launching field for some body drags with the sandbags (approx. 20 yards) down and back x2 with 10 sandbag-free lunges thrown in at one end.


Freddie Mercuries x 20 IC starting on flat surface, up hill and highballing down the hill

LBC’s x 15 IC

 5x OHP with sandbag to wrap

Stingray commented on our pandemic journey equating it to his M’s experience running a marathon.  She hit a wall at mile 21.  With only 5 miles remaining, one would think you are so close to the finish that it should be smooth sailing.  However,  the last 5-6 miles of a marathon are the most brutal since most training never takes you beyond 20 miles at a time.  We are at mile 21 of the pandemic as hopeful news continues to flow about vaccines.  We must push through this phase and be diligent to not only finish the race, but be encouraging to our families and others we encounter!  YHC prayed us out

The mood quickly turned from hope to disappointment when only four PAX were present at launch.  What YHC had planned for a partner workout became a group exercise as the number of sandbags = number of PAX.  The grumbling quickly began when the PAX realized that with higher attendance the load of the sandbags could be shared with a partner, but alas, each PAX was responsible for his own 50lb “baby” throughout the workout.  With a focus on lower body, concerns quickly grew about the KTT workout tomorrow.  PAX can expect more sandbag workouts in the future as we slide into GrowRuck prep season!