Post Super Bowl Ruck

Coach K, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, and F150 joined YHC and Maverick on Monday’s Mutt Ruck.

Took our normal route, approx 2.5 miles for the Run Ranger Run crew.

Was a sleepy PAX Monday AM, not a whole lot going on but general agreement that this was the worst Super Bowl ever. A few highlights:
– don’t try to set up Coach K with a girl named Melissa, it’s his mom’s name and just can’t get passed that
– F150’s new pup ate the cone of shame, a truly impressive feat
– There were a couple of guys in a truck getting ready to go fishing in the sewage stream, Maverick was pretty suspicious and almost barked at someone for the first time ever
– Oatmeal was getting lunch up until the last hour of his first child’s birth, not exactly role model behavior for the aspiring #dadbods out there but still impressive
– Coach K proved that man can live on Buffalo Chicken dip alone for a day, and if that’s all you eat you don’t go over your calorie count for the day and have pent up aggression to take out making PAX do a stupid amount of burpees and bear crawls on Tuesday