Preblast for Week of 2/11/18

The opening ceremonies and games of the first F3 Olympiad have kicked off successfully with a wild game of ultimate Frisbee along with a Chairman Moa workout. This week there is plenty of opportunity for any of the teams to take come from behind and over take Brazil. Will it be from inviting new men to join us and avoid Sad Clown Syndrome, bringing back a F3 man who has been missed since the start of 2018, posting everyday this week, or consistently posting this week?

Our mission is to  plant, grow, and serve small group workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Who do you know in your life today that needs F3?

Bootcamp Workout, Glencoe Park AO (Eastside playground), 5:30-6:15 AM, Aaarrrggghhh on Q

Bootcamp Workout, Caruth Park AO (Parking lot), 5:45-6:30 AM, Splash on Q

Running Workout W/ Pain Stations, #Katytrailthursday AO (La Madeline Parking Lot), 5:30-6:15 AM, Teasip on Q

Bootcamp Workout, Caruth Park AO (Parking lot), 5:30-6:15 AM, F150 on Q

Bootcamp Workout, Burleson Park AO (Park on Southside), 7:00-8:00 AM, Pepper on Q

Current Medal Standings:
Brazil 🇧🇷 : 6 Bronze+1 Silver=8 Points
China 🇨🇳 : 6 Bronze=6 Points
Djibouti 🇩🇯: 3 Bronze+1 Gold=6 Points
Iceland 🇮🇸: 5 Bronze=5 Points

All-Around: Splash with 3 points

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