Preston Hollow Park AO Test

PAX: Alright Alright, Rump Roast, F-150, Draper, Oatmeal, Teasip, Coach K, Sex Panther, Island Time (FNG)
QIC: Sally

AO: Preston Hollow Park

Run to the south end of the block
8-count bodybuilders x 15 IC
Run back to the starting point
8-count bodybuilders x 10 IC


Partner animal crawl / run to explore the park
Partner up. Partner 1 begins bear crawling around the path clockwise. Partner 2 begins running around the path counter-clockwise.
When the partners meet, swap roles. Partner 1 begins running counter-clockwise, and Partner 2 begins bear crawling.

Repeato the entire routine x 2, changing the animal crawl on the subsequent rounds to 2) crawl bear and 3) crab walk

1) There are 3 sets of bleachers by the path in the SW corner. Every time you pass them (both runners and crawlers) do a scale-over of each.
2) Tennis courts in the NE corner – every time you pass by them, go inside and do a loop around both courts before continuing.

All-in call to gather in the middle of the park.

Slow flutter kicks x 20 IC
Slow rugby sit-ups x 20 IC

Mosey to baseball diamond.

Bottom of the ninth:
It’s the bottom of the ninth, and your team is down. You’ve gotta put the team on your back. And by team I mean partner.
Partner 1 carries Partner 2 to 1st base. When they reach 1st, they switch; Partner 2 carries Partner 1 to 2nd. They then switch and move on to 3rd and home, “scoring” a run when they reach home after a trip around the bases.

PAX were informed their team was down by 3 runs and they had to score 4 to win. All teams completed.

Mosey back to NE corner to wrap-up.

Done intra-workout


Had a good time trying out a new AO. Preston Hollow Park has a lot going for it (including really nice grass), but there are also some really dark spots where you can’t even see the path you’re running on.

The animal crawl / running routine was brutal, although it seemed a little long in duration. May have to modify for the track in the future?..

The 8-count bodybuilders are a great exercise. It can be hard to remember whether the merkin or the plank jack is supposed to occur first.

YHC pulled up early as he always does for his Q’s to find a lonely man (our FNG Island Time) hanging out. Got out of the car and he said, “Is this F3?!” in the most excited voice I have heard in a while. Always great to hear from an FNG. And it turns out, based on his Saturday performance, Island Time was aptly named.

1. QSource  Wednesday at 1800 and Friday at 1130. This week is about “Articulation.”
2. Our first inaugural Fall CSAUP (Name TBD) starts November 2 at 0000, launching from Flag Pole Hill.
3. 2nd F event this Saturday at Draper’s for Fight Night
4. T-shirt orders. 5 days left. Get ’em in!
5. Stay hydrated and get your electrolytes, gentlemen. These are the dog days of summer, and hydration matters.
6. Flowermound Saturday Launch this Saturday. We need ~4/5 guys to go to that, and the rest to come to the Burleson workout.