Return of Walmart

DATE: 6-20-2019

TEMP: 72

WEATHER: partly cloudy.



PAX: Eruzione, Mookie, Strangler, and Silicon.

QIC: Walmart.


AO: Liberty Park in Plano, TX


WELCOME/DISCLAIMER: Q gave the welcome and disclaimer.



Windmills x 10 IC

IST x 15 IC

SSH x 20 IC


Mosey to the tennis courts for Paint the Lines.




Deconstructed burpee:

-Squats x10, x9, x8, etc.

-Leg thrusts x10, x9, x8, etc.

-Merkins x10, x9, x8, etc.

-Leg thrusts x10, x9, x8, etc.


PAX split into pairs. One PAX on each team started with 10 reps of each deconstructed burpee exercise while his partner bear crawled across the tennis court. Once the first PAX completed the deconstructed burpee, he ran to his partner and took over on the bear crawl route. The second PAX would then run back to the starting position to do his 10 reps of deconstructed burpees, then run back to his partner to again take over the bear crawl route. Repeato, except each PAX decreased reps by 1 each time he went back to deconstructed burpees, until they completed the workout by doing 1 rep of each.



Diamonds = Merkins.

Hearts = SSH.

Spades = Squats.

Clubs = Lunges.

Jokers = 10 burpees.


PAX arranged into different pairs. PAX took turns flipping over a card from their respective decks. PAX would then do the amount of reps depending on the suit/value of the card until all cards had been flipped.



LBC x 20 IC

Pickle Pounders x 20 IC

Freddy Mercury x 20 IC


CIRCLE OF TRUST: PAX talked about Silicon’s travel plans next week, and inquired about other North Dallas PAX that were missing from the workout.


MOLESKIN: good Mumblechatter this morning as PAX got to know Q. PAX attributed Q’s energy to his recent nuptials. Mookie and Q learned that they work near each other and made lunch plans the following week. PAX are excited about the momentum of Plano F3.