Ring Around the Lake…or Pond…or Whatever.

DATE: 8/26/2019

TEMP: 80

WEATHER: 81% humidity. Clear skies.


PAX: Mookie, Rabbit, Maverick, Elder Fabio, and Walmart.

QIC: Walmart

AO: Oak Point Park.

WELCOME/DISCLAIMER: Q gave welcome and disclaimer.


-OYO stretching.

-SSH x 50 IC (1/2 of the Strangler Special)

-IW x 12 IC

THE THANG: PAX ran around Oak Point Park for 40 minutes. PAX had varying paces, but averaged around 4 miles.

MARY: no MARY due to time.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sunday, September 15, is the day of our Second F Family Day. It’s going to be a blast, so be there!