Roll of the dice

AO: Mockingbird Station

Side Straddle Hops IC x21
Imperial Squats IC x12
Imperial Lunges IC x12
Hand Release Jiminy Cricket OYO x10

Mosey to first level parking garage

Pop the Pig dice: None – Skip; Green – Bear crawl; Yellow – Bernie Sanders; Orange – Imperial Lunge Walk; White – Lt Dan 1:4; Multiple – All You Got (AYG)

Dice (Exercises)
1 – 1 min AMRAP Bobby Hurley
2 – Bridge Merkins (feet on shoulder of other pax)
4 – Crowd Pleasers (1 Merkin to 1 Groiner)
5 – DREW
        D – dirty hookup – plank facing a wall, four count…1 right hand against that wall, 2 left hand against the wall (now in a horizontal plank), 3 right hand down, 4 left hand down.
        R – Reverse Plank Dips
        E – Elf on a Shelf
        W – Worst Merkin Ever (Wide, Regular, Diamond = 1)
6 – ATM
        Alternating Toe Touches X15
        Tempo Merkin (4,3,2, Up on 1) X10
        Merkins Fast X10

We were able to get through 6 rounds and covered 3 levels. (most exercises were done according to what level we were on…example level 1 means 1 of each BLIMP, level 2 means 2 of each):
Rd. 1 Imperial Lunge Walk & BLIMPS
Rd. 2 AYG & Crowd Pleasers
Rd. 3 Bear Crawl & Crowd Pleaser
Rd. 4 Bernie Sanders & Crowd Pleasers
Rd. 5 Skip & Dirty Hookup (Q substitute due to too many Crowder Pleasers)
Rd. 6 Imperial Lunge Walk & 1 min AMRAP Bobby Hurley

Mosey to outside loading area near vehicles.

Forearm Plank 1 Min
Flutter Kicks IC 15

PAX: Coach K, Teasip, Pepper, Oo-De-Lally, AlrightAlright
QIC: F150

F150 shared about how Jesus revealed Himself to women first at the resurrection and sent them as the first evangelist to tell about His resurrection. We are to honor the women in our lives…our spouse, mother, those we work with, those some date, and women in general. It will catch them off guard when we desire to be men that lead and honor them with nothing expected in return. BE MEN HONOR WOMEN! They were made in God’s image as well.

There was much mumblechatter this gloom and it started right out of the gates with the counting of F150…thinking through the Imperial Lunges could have been better. When the dice came out and each of the PAX learned what each of the colors meant there was someone (AlrightAlright) desiring Bear Crawls. At one point there was a concern by the Q and some PAX mentioned that the dice might be weighted as the same exercise came up multiple times, Q Omaha’d to give some variety when the 4thCrowd Pleaser came up. Coach K reminded the PAX of the counting ability of F150 and AlrightAlright brought up the penalty burpees encouraged by F150 for a missing shovel flag on Tuesday’s beatdown. Coach K was not appreciative of the penalty burpees obviously…#wegetbetteritnevergetseasier. It could have been that Coach K was just ornery because the PAX were enjoying our Bobby Hurley expercise.

The stairs were used on most returns to the first level to roll the dice again. However, the PAX asked to run down the ramps instead of being stuck in the stale air of the stairs and something about gas of other PAX.

Overall a great workout in the gloom!

1.2ndF Happy hour May 11
2.2ndF Scotch Club May 17
3.VAPE dinner May 29
4.GrowRuck Memphis Sept 21-23