Rugby Practice with Chairman Mao

Pax: AlrightAlright Special Sauce Mile High Icebox Teasip Gambler Aaarrrggghhh Ina Landing Strip (Nola) Rump Roast Oatmeal

12 Pax gathered for running or Rucking this morning.

YHC managed to conduct an in-cadence warmup without any grumbling a personal accomplishment

Oatmeal and Rump Roast then split off and got in some good rucking this morning.

The rest of us did a workout inspired by YHC’s first ever rugby workout.

100 walk 200 m jog 100 sprint 5 burpees
200 walk 400 jog 200 sprint 10 squats, 5 burpees
200 walk 800 jog 200 sprint 15 rugby sit ups, 10 squats, 5 burpees
400 jog 200 sprint

Mary concludes the throw back

Mumble chatter
@AlrightAlright apologized to Landing Strip for us not talking enough during the workout, despite him finding ample time to complain we didn’t follow Upward rules when we continued running while he tied his shoes. We also learned he needs new shoes.

@sSpecial Sauce was disappointed there was no tackling.

YHC discovered he’s still slow from time off last fall. A PSA to everyone to not take too much time off for multiple reasons.

Run Ranger kicks off tomorrow so good luck to those participating.

Bourbon night is next Thursday hopefully we can find a copy of Hoosiers before then.

2nd F that Friday Iocation TBD

Teasip offered some kind words to pray us out.

Finally YHC is not sure why band hates him and doesn’t format properly

DJ Icebox will be spinning records tomorrow at his workout; so, be there for the fresh beats and the beat down.