Ryder Cup Day 2

AO: Glencoe

SSH x15
IST x15 (at this point Oo-De-Lally arrived to tie things up for Team Oatmeal)

Team WheelsUp/NetJets to the Course
Bataan Death March around the park. PAX at the Six does 3 burpees before running to the front.

Alternate Shot
Partner 1 run suicide, Partner 2 perform exercise. Flapjack and Repeato until 100 reps of the exercise have been completed by the pairing. Switch partners on each exercise. Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Storm Troopers and Flutter Kicks were done while waiting for the whole group to finish.

Round 1: Hand Release Merkins (Aaarrrggghhh made this request over traditional merkins. Pepper arrived prior to his shot in a Rory-like fashion – look it up if you don’t get it.)
Round 2: Monkey Humpers
Round 3: WWI Sit-Ups
Round 4: The Bird
Round 5: Squats
Round 6: Plank Jacks

Pickle Pounders x10
Sky Pickle x15
Paulinas x15 (Sorry Dustin Johnson)
Body Destroyer

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Ant Man. F150, Hannigan, Icebox, Ina, Oatmeal, Oo-De-Lally, Pepper, Plus One, Special Sauce, Teasip, Wal-Mart
QIC: AlrightAlright

YHC mentioned how every man in this group looks out for his brothers, and prayed that we will continue to look out for each other. We need to pick up the six in life, not just at workouts.

Icebox correctly hypothesized that AlrightAlright chose to Q today because the #RyderCup is the only way that there will ever be a good turnout for one of AlrightAlright’s #beatdowns. AlrightAlright caught the PAX by surprise with the 100 monkey humpers and grumbling ensued. He hopes you all enjoyed getting to work with all of your teammates.

13 PAX gathered in the gloom for Day 2 of the F3 Ryder Cup. Team Special Sauce was only missing Pepper, and Team Oatmeal was missing BOOMER and .

YHC forgot to give the Disclaimer. This is a mistake that all of us make way too often. It is the Q’s job to remember to give it, but let’s now make it a point to give the Q hell immediately if he forgets. This needs to be given at every workout.

Ryder Cup continues tomorrow with Icebox replacing an injured splash as our Q. See you at Caruth Park at 0545.

Be on the lookout for an announcement about a #ThirdF event taking place at Park Cities Baptist Church on Thursday night.