Saturday 6/6 Burleson


PAX: Alright Alright, Siesta, Oatmeal, Pepper, Sally

QIC: Draper

AO: Burleson



Warm Up

SSH x15 IC

IST x15 IC

Windmill x 10 IC


Mosey to Bishop Blvd by the SMU Flag Pole

Complete 3 PAX Double Dora

-PAX split into 2 groups of 3

-PAX #1 Does the 1st Dora exercises by the flagpole

-Pax #2 Does the 2nd Dora exercises in the cut through

-PAX #3 Runs from PAX #1 to PAX #2 and takes over 2nd Dora exercise from PAX #2

-PAX #2 runs to PAX #1 and takes over 1st Dora exercise



1st Dora – Done by the Flag pole (12pm)

Burpees x100

Merkins x200

Mountain Climbers x300

2nd Dora – Done at the cut through on Bishop Blvd (6pm)

Lunge x100

Squat x200

Calf Raises x300

*PAX Cannot progress to next level of the Dora until both are complete.

Example: Can not start Lunges until all 100 Burpees are complete.

Mosey to the Blanton Student Services Building

Climb the stairs one stair at a time. 

-Up 1st stair, back down to bottom

-Up to the 2nd stair back down to bottom

-Up to 3rd stair, 4th stair etc until the top

Do 10 Carolina Dry Docks at the platform between levels and at the top

Mosey to the benches

Jacobs ladder

6 Irkins

1 Box Jumps

Mosey back to Burleson


Big Boy Sit Up x 12 IC

Rugby Situps till time >1 min

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: With all social conversations happening the past week, YHC asked the PAX to do a lot of listening and to hear from people who have had experiences that are different than ours.  We should also be looking at out own lives and language we use to push ourselves to really ask if we are being the best allies we can.  Full disclosure my COT was not as eloquent as I wanted which the PAX informed me, but the message came through which is what we do best at F3.  Learn, Listen, and be better leaders.

MOLESKIN: It was a very warm and muggy morning which the PAX mentioned multiple times.  While I wished more of the PAX showed up, YHC was pleased that we had 6 so we could attempt the double Dora.  Overall worked well with a lot of mumble chatter about the amount of Merkins.  After the double Dora the PAX moseyed to Fondren Library steps, but there was someone taking graduation pictures so we moseyed to Blanton Student Services Building.  The sun was beating down on the PAX which made this routine even harder.  Challenging morning for the PAX and we all got better. 


  • Happy hour Friday at Oatmeal’s

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