Saturday Morning Doracides

DATE: 7/13/2019.

TEMP: 73.

WEATHER: partly cloudy.


PAX: Mookie, Rabbit, and Walmart.

QIC: Walmart.

AO: Liberty Park.

WELCOME/DISCLAIMER: Q gave disclaimer. Q is not a professional. PAX are here of their own volition, doing each exercise voluntarily. Modify as necessary. You against you, but don’t hurt yourself.


  • SSH x25 IC
  • IW x25 IC
  • Cotton Pickers x25 IC
  • J Lo’s x15 IC
  • Absolution x20 OYO

Mosey to the tennis courts for paint the lines.


PARTNER DORACIDES: for Doracides, PAX normally split into partners. One partner does the exercises while the other runs suicides. Q modified the Doracides with burpees for added fun. Q had PAX run suicides across one tennis court, doing a burpee at each line before running back to the start. Once PAX made it to the opposite side of the tennis court, PAX would run straight back to the start doing a burpee at each line. Since there were 3 PAX today, Q had PAX do 3-person Doracides.

  • 200 lunges (single count).
  • 300 Merkins.
  • 400 Squats.
  • 500 Overhead claps.


  • Freddie Mercuries x25 IC.
  • WWI Situps x25 CC.
  • Flutterkicks x15IC.
  • Uptown Crunch x15 CC, both sides.


MOLESKIN: PAX were winded during the Doracides, but otherwise had good Mumblechatter. Attempted EH of other men working out at the park.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: PAX proposed rescheduling Second F for a Friday this month. PAX also discussed the push to have 10 men attend the next Saturday workout (July 20). EHing will be needed to get all current members of the F3 Plano groupchat to attend, as well as FNG’s.

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