Skeleton Crew

DATE: 3/21/20.

TEMP: 40.

WEATHER: Cool and cloudy.



PAX: Rabbit.

QIC: Walmart.


AO: Rice Middle School.





Mosey to the tennis courts.

-Windmill x15 IC

-Little Baby Arm Circles Forward x20 IC

-Little Baby Arm Cicles Backward x20 IC

-Moroccan Night Club x25 IC

-Imperial Walker x15 IC



-Burpee Lunge across three tennis courts. 10 Merkins. Run back to the beginning of the first tennis court. Burpee lunge across two tennis courts. 10 Merkins. Run back. Burpee lunge across one tennis court. 10 Merkins. Run back.

-Same thing, but Bear Crawl instead of Burpee Lunge and Bonnie Blairs (double count) instead of Merkins.

-Mosey to the picnic tables by the school.

-Irkin x15

-Dip x15

-Derkin x15

-Box Jump x15

-Irkin x15


Jacob’s Ladders:

-1 Box Jump, then run to the benches for 7 Dips. 2 Box Jumps, 6 Dips. Etc.

-Mosey to the tennis court for another Jacob’s Ladder. 1 LBC, then run across two tennis courts and do 10 double count Flutterkicks. Run back for 2 LBCs, then 9 Flutterkicks. Etc.



-American Hammer x25 IC

-Box Cutter x15 IC

-Freddie Mercury x15 IC

-Leg Raise x10 IC


CIRCLE OF TRUST: Q prayed for coronavirus, and for PAX that had not been seen at workouts in awhile.

MOLESKIN: PAX talked about coronavirus and Texas’s lockdown.