Spring Training

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Mile High, Pepper, Rocket Man, RockyTop (from F3 Houston), Rump Roast, Sally, Special Sauce
QIC: DJ Icebox and Teasip

AO: Glencoe #glencoefasho

SSH x 25 (for the 25 Opening Day Roster spots)

IST x 13 (for the 13ish position players most teams carry)

Daisy pickers x 12 (for all the Little Leaguers who would rather be picking grass than playing OF)

Hillbillies x 15

Mosey to the football field for partner CUBS (one partner does exercise while the other runs to the other goal post and back, then flapjack until you finish the reps).

Carolina Dry Docks x 108

Upright Row x 200

Boxcutter x 300 (“Pitching” change to 275)

Seal Jacks x 400 (“Pitching” change to 275)

The Co-Q’s then attempted to introduce the classic spring training game of pepper/hotbox to the PAX. Due to the low lighting and lack of baseball knowledge/lack of Little League experience of the PAX, this was quite the failure, much like the Rangers seasons recently. This did allow YHC to do his partner STROS (same format as CUBS, but cut the running in half)

Squats – 50

T Merkins – 75

Reverse Crunch – 100

OH Claps – 125

Side Straddle Hops – 150

This brought us to 6:15 when YHC prayed us out.

The weather did not feel very Spring Training-y, with a solid mid to high 30’s throughout the workout. Thanks to pressure from YHC’s co-Q, YHC braved the elements to support his Astros with his very thin short sleeve shirt. Not much mumblechatter about the upcoming baseball season, though YHC did correctly call Machado to the Padres when Sally asked. YHC must assume this is because most of the PAX are Rangers fans who will be in for a long season getting demolished by the Blastros. Or the PAX isn’t much for baseball, as that was apparent at the rather terrible attempt at playing Pepper. There may need to be a special training session for this classic game before it is brought back out for a Saturday beatdown. A welcome back to Pepper and there was some discussion amongst the PAX about he showed up for this workout when Alright Alright was not present. Any idea on how often that has happened?

1. Make sure you are inputting your RRR miles
2. Texas Independence Day 18K (TID 18K) March 2nd