Team Couponing

PAX: Teesip, Rump Roast, Sally, AlrightAlright, Icebox, Coach K, Thunder Lips
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Glencoe Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given and acknowledged

SSH x 15

IST x 15

Cotton Pickers x 15

PAX partnered up and alternated five sets of the following:

  • Pullups x5
  • Dips x5

Each team then grabbed a coupon to perform alternating team Blockees.  After YHC called and Omaha we did alternating Blockees for about seven minutes.  We then took a mosey to the field to where we did the following:

Rd 1:

P1: People’s Chair Cusak

P2: Run across field and back

Flip flop

Rd 2:

P1: Coupon Press

P2: Backward run across field and back

Flip Flop


P1: People’s Chair Curls

P2: Backward run across field and back

Flip Flop

Rd 4:

P1: Coupon kettlebell throw

P2: Plank

Both partners then bear crawl to coupon; flip flop and repeato across field and back to start

YHC then decided to oblige PAX by allowing them to repeato Round 4 as Round 5.


Cusak Circle of Trust: YHC had each PAX in each team hold one side of a coupon overhead for 60 seconds, flip flop and repeato.

Flutterkicks x15 DC IC

Homer & Marge

Rosalita x15 IC

YHC prayed us out.

Thank you to Sally for bringing coupons for a change up.  YHC called a couple of Omaha’s during workout as I thought Blockees were going to be much more difficult than they were.  A bit of mumberchatter about whether YHC’s timer was working correctly.  Apparently YHC needs to work on his audibles!  Coupon kettlebell tosses worked well until Coach K & Teasip broke their coupon early on and had to go with a smaller block.  Not to be outdone Rump Roast & Thunder Lips showed their manliness by breaking their coupon, too!  Overall, it was nice to be using props during a workout.

1. RRR mileage posting
2. CSAUP and upcoming planning session