No Pax Left Behind V Day Run

Valentine’s Day

AlrightAlright, Sally, Special Sauce, Gambler, Thunderlips, Ina, Mile High, & Hannigan joined YHC for Katy Trail Thursday

Oatmeal, Rump Roast, & Coach K showed up at 5:15 for their vision quest and saw them at the end of the workout

For the Katy Trailers the theme of the workout was pick up your 6, ran in 1/4 and 1/2 mile increments and whenever you finished you had to run back to the PAX bringing up the 6 and finish the segment with them. jon immediately asked after I explained the concept if he had to run back if he finished 3rd, clearly handicapping the field well as he was right on AlrightAlright and Mile High’s tail all AM.

PSA for future Thursday Q’s – don’t Native American run when you’re crossing Knox, that’s my bad Thunderlips and hope you forgive me

Awesome to see Hannigan again as he came back for a Thursday workout for the first time in a while, great job!

We sprinkled in a few squats and merkins but it was really about the run and stretching the legs out and getting some miles in.