Texas Independence Day 18K

On March 2nd, 1836 60 men signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.  These men were true leaders that were moving their community to a place of advantage, and it took courageous disruption to do so.  As F3 men we should always be trying to emulate their leadership, so on March 2nd, 2019 we celebrated it.

19 men completed a grueling 4.75 hour beatdown to celebrate Texas Independence Day.  In that 4.75 hours we ran 6.3 miles, rucked 4.9 miles and did 120 minutes worth of boot camps (that added an additional 4+ miles). 3 other men were able to join us for the first 95 minutes which included 60 minutes of boot camps and 3.5 miles of running.

This is how it went down:

Reverchon Park led by Special Sauce


  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Imperial Storm Troopers
  • Don Quijotes
  • Burpees
  • Squats

Mosey to the benches.

  • Clay Makers x10 each leg
  • Bobby Hurleys x10
  • High Knees x20

Bernie Sanders (Backwards run) up the ramp.

4 Quarters:

  • 1st Quarter: run down the stairs and up the ramp, bear crawl the gap
  • 2nd Quarter: repeato
  • Halftime: Derkins x10, Dips x10, Irkins x10, Big/Little Scissors
  • 3rd Quarter: run down the ramp and up the stairs, lunge walk the gap
  • 4th Quarter: repeato

3 Minutes of Mary to finish.

Run 3.5 miles up the Katy Trail

  • Great opportunity for the PAX to get to know each other, and for significant amounts of mumblechatter.
  • DJ Icebox was the MVP for this portion as his playlist was “on point” as the kids would say.

Glencoe Park led by Teasip

Bear Crawl Mini Ladder:

  • Bear crawl forward touch the line, crawl bear back.  Done for 3 lines of increasing distance each time.
  • Repeato

TEXAS – sprints across the field between sets

  • Tony Hawk Burpees 8, then 1
  • Earhole Merkins 3, then 6
  • XYs 1, then 8
  • ATMs 3 rounds, then 3 rounds (Teasip originally called for 6, but Omaha-ed into something possible)
  • San Antonio Shuffle x5

Quick Break to Rehydrate/Refuel

Run 1.5 miles to Burleson Park

  • Lots of honking as we ran down Mockingbird, either due to Chairman Mao’s good looks or the fact that we were carrying an American flag and a Texas flag.

Burleson Park led by Icebox aka DJ Icebox

  • Halftime stretches – daisy pickers and hillbillies
  • Mony Mony – Back Plank with Dip on “Mony”
  • Yeah – Penguin Crunches with Alabama Prom Dates on “Yeah”
  • Mosey to 4th Level of Parking Deck
  • You Can Do It – Supermans with Merkins on “Do It”
  • Everyday We Lit – Freddie Mercurys with Rugby Sit-Ups on “Lit”

Run 1.3 miles to Caruth Park

  • Your humble correspondent’s legs were starting to really feel the pain at this point.

Caruth Park led by Alright Alright

  • Enough time was left for Icebox to lead one more exercise so he chose River – Side Straddle Hops with Burpees on “River”
  • Slaughter Starter aka 20 burpees
  • Partner up for Wheelbarrows – Wheelbarrow length of the field, 10 merkin toll to switch
  • Bonnie Blairs x20 each leg
  • Wheelbarrow back – same toll as before
  • Jacob’s Ladder – run length of field, Burpees 5 to 1, Monkey Humpers 1 to 5
  • Circle of Pain – Burpees x5, Lunges x10, Burpees x5, Imperial Storm Troopers x15, Burpees x5, Merkins x20, Burpees x5, Plank Jacks x25, Burpees x5
  • Circle of Trust – The goal of this particular beatdown was to celebrate all 60 High Impact Men that signed the Texas Declaration of Independence by completing 60 burpees.
  • Load up on H2O, Gatorade and Snacks

Ruck 4.9 miles from Caruth Park to Reverchon Park

  • #Tclaps to Bandito for running ahead of the group and then running back to us three times.  He added an additional 5 miles.
  • #Tclaps to Teen Wolf who carried 60 pounds and didn’t flinch.
  • This was a great time for some #SecondF. The following are just a few of the topics covered:
    • Management Consulting
    • Life in the Navy, specifically on submarines
    • Which Chewy bars are best
    • Bubba’s – should we stop to get cinnamon rolls or not?
    • Red Dirt Country 101 for FNG Tickler
    • Josh Abbott is kind of a jerk according to PAX with insider knowledge
    • Location of Gonzaga
    • Can Pepper make it back to Reverchon or will he have to stop for a bathroom break?
    • How many calories can we afford to consume at Katy Trail Ice House?
    • FNG Tickler’s upcoming Ultra Marathon

Final Circle of Trust

  • YHC gave a predictably lengthy speech about each of the men challenging themselves to be High Impact Men that are trying to change their community the way the signatories of the Texas Declaration of Independence impacted theirs.


  • FNG Michael Stafford was named Cabana Boy because he owns a pool business
  • FNG Jeff Godon was named Caterpillar initially because of his mustache, but that was changed to Tickler immediately following the workout
  • FNG Robey Clark was named _____ (YHC can not remember what the initial name was), but after much discussion afterwards the PAX decided that we should change his name to Cookie based on the film, Men of Honor.  Both Cookies were Navy divers.
  • FNG Anthony Sexton was named Prime Rib, mostly because Rump Roast EH’ed him.

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Ant Man, Oatmeal, Walmart, Boomer, Rump Roast, Pepper, Chairman Mao, Sally, Bandito, Teen Wolf, Cabana Boy, Tickler, Cookie, Prime Rib

QIC: Special Sauce, Teasip, Icebox, Alright Alright