The Return of Coach K Q

PAX: Oatmeal, Teasip, Icebox, Rocket Man, Hemings (FNG)
QIC: Coach K

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x30
IST x25
Cotton Pickers x10

AROD with 300 Squats, 200 LBCs, and 100 Pull Ups. Short lap around tennis courts

Mosey to garage for elevator BOMBS and Rampage (see exicon) starting at 9 burpees and working down to 1. It’s all bear crawls, burpees, and crawl bears.

Flutters, Uptown Crunch, Penguin Crunch, Rope Climbs

Prayed for those traveling this weekend

Apparently Coach K was mouthier than usual, spitting some fire before the workout even began. Everyone was nervous given his history of vendetta Qs until an FNG rolled up meaning I couldn’t do 300 burpees.

Not too much chatter from the PAX especially during the Rampage except for some jabs from Teasip which were expected. Always nice to have people sucking wind, so they can’t harass the Q.

Ended with the naming ceremony, where our FNG noted he went to UVA. We danced around the Hokie/Beamer names until Coach K thought of Saly Hemings. Bad taste? Probably. Worth it? Absolutely.

Hemings started off strong by losing his phone during the workout, which got picked up by a stranger. Prayers he found it and was not kidnapped in the process.

We made our way to Bubbas where Icebox and Oatmeal talked about the joys of having kids. Icebox still thinks he’s gonna be able to golf on Monday, which led us to debate where the Monday Ruck would be given the 100% chance of storms (Ant Man). Should be noted that Icebox brought this crappy weather back from Seattle with him.

PAX accused YHC of being a confrontational person, but I don’t know what they’re talking about. They found my Achilles heel though when an 8 week labrador retriever rolled up pulling me away from breakfast.

1. Ryder Cup celebration on Monday