DATE: Monday 5/6/2019

PAX: Alright Alright, Oatmeal, Special Sauce
“QIC”: Sally

F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: YHC thinks he forgot to give. Oh well, it was running day

For the first time ever, the runners did #TripleTime – 3 laps.

The idea was to get in more hill work – so we shortened the normal loop and ran around thrice. It ended up being slightly longer (at 5.5 miles) than our 2 lap course (5 miles).

Done. Gave thanks and praise for the glorious morning and our brothers who show up daily to make us better. Also asked for the perspective, ability, and strength to Serve and Live Third.

Upon arrival, we discussed the potential new route, with all PAX willing but slightly hesitant to run #TheHill three times. Someone said “screw it we are HIMs” and off we went.

When AA did not shoot off the starting line at his normal 6:05 pace, there was some initial confusion, but he then revealed that apparently #TheMechanism did not fully clear this morning – and that meant running was going to take some disciplined, butt-clenching work.

PAX stuck together for nearly 2 full laps, but ended up splitting into two groups, the Sugar Rays (AlrightAlright and Oatmeal) and the Clydesdales (Special Sauce and YHC). Us Clydesdales mumblechattered about 1) hating running and 2) that we should give the Sugar Rays a weight vest and see how they like running then.

YHC has to thank each man for his encouragement, but particularly his running mate Special Sauce. We both commented that this would probably be the furthest we have run in a long while, and also probably the fastest too. It would have been impossible without support.

In other notes, on the third and final lap, Gold Digger’s peacocks called out from the trees for their brother, but received no calls in return. Perhaps next week HIM and beast can again form a special bond.

Along with the other DoubleTimers (Ina, Thunderlips, PowPow, Chairman Mao, Sex Panther), we missed Monday-regular Maverick this morning. Oh yes and of course Icebox too :).

1. QSource – keep using it to accelerate. Even if you can’t make the meetings, the readings are good and helpful.
2. Shield Locks – several PAX are forming these. Get in on one, and let your brothers hold you accountable and help you accelerate