Walmart hits the courts

PAX: Ant Man, AlrightAlright, Candy Cane, Coach K, Gambler, Icebox, Oatmeal, Rocket Man
QIC: Walmart

AO: Caruth Park
Q welcomed everyone to the workout, and gave the disclaimer that Q is not a professional, that everyone is at the workout voluntarily, and that PAX should modify workouts as needed to avoid injury.

-SSH x20 IC
-Imperial Storm Troopers x15 IC
-Windmill x10 IC

Mosey to Tennis Court

Around the Court:
PAX split into pairs. One PAX did plank jacks while his partner lunged around the tennis court. Other PAX lunges around entire tennis court. Partners switched once the lunging PAX made one lap.

Circle up for:
LBC x10 IC
American Hammer x10 IC

Repeato, except PAX found new partners and did WWI Situps while partners lunged around the tennis court.

There and Back Again:
PAX found new partners. One PAX ran suicides across both tennis courts while the other did overhead claps. Switch once suicide was completed.

Circle up for:
LBC x15 IC
American Hammer x15 IC

PAX found new partners. One PAX did Burpee Broad Jumps across both tennis courts and back while his partner did SSH, then PAX switched.

LBC x15 IC
American Hammer x15 IC

PAX found new partners. One PAX did the Inch Worm across both tennis courts, then did the Bear Crawl back, while partners did Monkey Jumpers. Switch once PAX made it back.

LBC x15 IC
American Hammer x15 IC
Uptown Crunch Left Over Right x15 IC
Uptown Crunch Right Over Left x15 IC

PAX prayed for Hannigan recovery, and praised him in his absence for his awesome Ryder Cup performance.

great mumblechatter this morning. Icebox noted that the Q was wearing short sleeves instead of a tank due to the 60 degree temperature. PAX who had been present at yesterday’s beatdown lamented the large amount of core workouts for this Q. Lots of talk about college football, namely Wake and UT. Some disses thrown at A&M.

1. Ryder Cup celebration next Monday at Truckyard.
2. AlrightAlright taking the Q tomorrow morning at Katy Trail.