Wimbledon Beatdown

AlrightAlright Sweet Baby Sex Panther Coach K Special Sauce Rump Roast Pepper Oatmeal Plus One!

Warmup, SSH, IST’s, daisy pickers

Choice – one lap or 50 burpees

W – Wave of merkins while PAX runs around both courts


I – Iron Hulk (to 10 going with evens)


M – Martin Moroccan nightclub routine, arms out, circle forward X 20, circle back X 20, thumbs down pulse X 20, thumbs up pulse X 10


B – Bataan death march around tennis courts,3 burpees

L – Legorama, holding elbow plank, right leg pulse up X 5, left leg pulse up X 5, right elbow plank left leg pulse X 5, left elbow plank right leg pulse X 5

E – Empty Wheelbarrow, switch at end of court

D – Deconstructed burpees – run down and back squats, down and back leg thrust, down and back merkin, down and back leg thrusts

O – Overhead claps X 20

N – Nolan Ryan’s X 8 each side

Paint the lines

No one picked up on the Wimbledon theme! I know Teasip would have if he would’ve been there

We were moving pretty fast today, not a ton of time for mumblechatter, or maybe I didn’t hear it since I was actually counting exercises today. We kept it on the court, avoided bugs, and burned up the shoulders pretty good.

Thanks to all who came out today to #makeglencoefunagain