Wreck-It Rice

DATE: 1/11/2019.

TEMP: 33.

WEATHER: Cold, windy, and raining/hailing.



PAX: Walmart, Silicon.

QIC: Walmart.


AO: Rice Middle School.





-SSH x25 IC

-Windmills x20 IC

-Moroccan Night Clubs x20 IC

-Overhead Claps x20 IC

-Little Baby Arm Circles (Forward) x20 IC



Mosey to the tennis courts.

Wreckers: PAX split. Team 1 does exercise while Team 2 crosses 2 tennis courts to Team 1 doing a moving exercise. Flip.
-Lt Dan // Overhead Press
-Burpee broad jump // Carolina Dry Docks
-Alligator Merkins // Freddie Mercury
-Bear Crawl // Monkey Humper
-Crawl bear // flutter kick

Mosey to cafeteria pavilion.

Deck of Death: each suit is a workout. PAX do reps corresponding to the number of the card. All face cards are 10. Aces are 1. Jokers are 5 burpees.

-Hearts = LBCs.
-Spades = Step Ups (both feet up = 1).
-Clubs = Dips.
-Diamonds = Derkins.

MARY: not enough time.

CIRCLE OF TRUST: Q prayed, then PAX went to Rusty Taco for Coffeeteria.

MOLESKIN: PAX lamented the rain, hail, and wind. Silicon shared about his experience at his new job. Both laughed out how their career paths ended up much differently than they thought they would when they were starting college. PAX bonded over love for band and DCI.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: F3 Plano Relaunch on January 25. 0700 at Rice Middle School. Let’s EH some FNGs.