EC Sunday – Rucking with Shorties

Shifty McCoy 

Rump Roast

34 at launch and a beautiful day to be outside!

Flag Pole Hill


Intro/ Warm-o-Rama: 
SSH x20 (DC,IC)
IST x20 (DC, IC)
Cotton Pickers x10 (DC, IC)
Little Baby Arm Circles x15 FWD (DC, IC)
Little Baby Arm Circles x15 BKWD (DC, IC)
Suicide from Handicap to end of parking lot (Roughly half the parking lot)
Butt Kickers down and Lunge Walk back

Tha Thang:
Ruck on (Shifty found a stick to carry along the way, “just in case, Dad”.
We Rucked and Ruck Shuffled down the hill and took the route that I know from most Monday mornings when I have come out. With the warm-o-rama we went for close to an hour.  It was a solid Q!

Circle of Trust:
YHC prayed us out.
So today’s EC was a last minute, half baked idea I came up with yesterday and I posted it at around 2200 so it was no surprise that only YHC and Shifty McCoy were in attendace and we were early. We warmed up at the launch untill after 0700 and then took off on our ruck. At every opportunitty to take the short route, Shifty chose the long way to get in a full loop. We moseyed/ruck shuffled for some of the way and talked about what Mom and sis were probably doing or NOT back at home. 

No personal bests were shattered but, I broke a sweat, it was great to get out there and spend some time with the Shorty. Bonus it was a beautiful morning even if it was a little chilly. I would like to do this again with a little more notice and better execution.  #F3Shorties #statpadsunday