100 Merkins–And That’s Just The Beginning

PAX: Snow White, Eruzione
QIC: Walmart

AO: Rice Middle School
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Q welcomed the PAX by explaining the 5 Core Principles of F3. Q then told PAX that they are at the workout voluntarily, and that Q is not a professional. PAX should modify as necessary, and any injuries are not because of Q or F3.

Imperial Storm Trooper x15 IC

Overhead Clap x15 IC

Copperhead Squat x15 IC

Pickle Pounder x15 on Q’s count


Mosey to the football field.

PAX did a variation of IronPAX Week 2 (the “KISS” workout). PAX started by running across a football field and back, and then did 100 Merkins. PAX then ran across the football field and back again, and then did 90 Freddie Mercuries (double count). Across the field and back, then 80 Merkins. Across the field and back, then 70 Freddie Mercuries, etc. After PAX completed the workout with 10 Freddie Mercuries, PAX ran across the field and back twice.

No Mary due to time.

PAX shared prayer requests, and Q prayed out.

For the most part, PAX were too busy sucking wind to talk. However, there was some Mumblechatter as Q and Eruzione got to know Snow White more.


2nd F next week will be at either Bar Louie or Katy Trail Outpost.