29 for 30 Beatdown

PAX: Sally, Icebox, Teasip, Rump Roast, Ant Man, Oatmeal
QIC: F150

AO: Glencoe Park

Within our workout this gloom.

30 exercises with a partner 30 reps
1. Side Straddle Hops IC x30
3. Merkins
4. Squat Jumps

5. Flutter Kicks (4 count)
6. Shoulder Press w/ Coupon
7. Monkey Humpers

8. Elf on a shelf w/ Coupon
9. Skull Crushers w/ Coupon
10. Lunges (4 count)

11. Hello Dolly
12. Mountain Climber
13. Al Gore (30 Sec)

14. American Hammers
15. Diamond Merkins
16. Prisoner Squats

17. Imperial Storm Troopers IC x30

18. Penguin Crunches (4 count)
19. Triceps Extension w/ Coupon
20. Step Ups

21. High/Low Planks (30 Sec each)
22. Abyss Merkins
23. Box Jumps

24. Big Boy Sit-ups
25. Carolina Dry Docks
26. One legged squat (15 each leg)

27. Superman
28. Wall Sits (People’s Chair – 30 sec)

29. Rugby Situps

Plenty within the exercises above.

YHC share with the PAX about the great success of the Flower Mound AO and Rocket Man’s leadership. We will be clown caring to FB the first three Saturday’s of December for those PAX interested in going. YHC challenged the men to be looking around at men in their neighborhood, work place, or circle of influence to see who needs to be encouraged during these months as the darkness of the day is longer and depression seems to come about more.

YHC did not plan for 7 PAX to arrive ready to workout, this is higher than most Friday workouts, seeing that it was cold (49 degrees, felt like 38 accord to TWC). There was much to say about starting with SSH and not having any ISTs so YHC waited until the ½ way point when the mumblechatter was highly asking for such to add to this workout. What started off pretty simple added more difficulty as the PAX added Coupons to a couple of workouts. We made it through 28 of the original 30 workouts planned, we left off Burpees and Frog Jumps as they were the final workouts and we were out of time. Great workout for the PAX this gloom.