Free Parking at The Harbor

PAX: F-150, Stingray
QIC: Sally

AO: The Harbor

SSH x 15

Pick up a coupon, run to the stadium/west parking lot.

Football field yardage is painted on the concrete there. Drop your coupon at the South “goal line.”

Ladder Up
Run 100 yards.
15 merkins IC
Run 100 yards back
14 squat thrusters with coupon IC
Run 100 yards.
13 merkins IC
Run back.
12 squat thrusters IC
Repeato down to 1 merkin.

Active recovery:
Using the construction block-off in the parking lot: hop onto the first bar, pull/shimmy yourself along all the way to the end, then return to the beginning.

Quick Mary timeout:
Big-boy situps OYO x 20
Crab cakes IC x 20

Bear crawl 10 yards
10 Get-ups (from prone on your six, don’t use your hands)
Crawl bear back
Bear crawl 20 yards
20 Get-Ups
Crawl bear back
Bear crawl 30 yards
30 Get-Ups
Crawl bear back

Grab coupons, run back to parking lot

About 2.5 minutes left – manmaker challenge. AMRAP manmakers.

Done intra-workout


Seemed like a fun and challenging workout. Ladder-up was just about as long as we could have tolerated, we were obliterated by the end. The active recovery shimmy was challenging but also non-traditional, requiring much more balance and agility than pure strength or speed – causing Stingray to ask if this would help with our rock-climbing abilities. The BC-GU-CB was also a lot of fun, even though we noted after 2 minutes there were several pieces of seemingly rough/broken glass on the ground. No injuries and never any real threat, but teenagers have clearly been sneaking alcohol into the parking lot. @Belding, as principal, can you address this?! 2.5 minutes never seems as long as when you’re doing manmakers.

In the end, we all got better today, and pushed ourselves beyond where we could have pushed without each other there.

1. All the customary announcements – QSource, golf, Happy Hour next Friday
2. Panzerschwein CSAUP 4 weeks from tonight.