Back on the Track – 10/3/19

PAX: Sally, Draper, AlrightAlright, Special Sauce, Ina (Kotters), Olive Oyl (FNG),
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: La Madeleine

SSH x 10 IC

High Knees x 10 IC

Cotton Pickers x 10 IC

YHC had PAX mosey to the track where we completed the following

  • 800m followed by 80 OHC’s
  • 200m, 20 merkins
  • 600m, 60 plank jacks,
  • 200m, 20 merkins
  • 400m, 40 squats
  • 200m, 20 merkins
  • 200m, 20 big-boy situps
  • 200m, 20 merkins
  • One active recovery lap: 100m backward run, 100m karaoke (50m facing one way, 50m about face), repeato the backward run and karaoke progression on final 200m.

Once we were gassed on the track, YHC lead PAX up into the bleachers to run up/downs on every aisle across the stands.  Walking recovery back other end with several Rocketman’s or Kim Jung Un’s, as I called them (high kicks) thrown in for fun.  We all then moseyed back to La Mad parking lot.

Proceeded to give our FNG a new name, which started as Blackbook (you’ll have to ask for the back story), but was democratically changed to Olive Oyl since Sally EH’d him in the frozen veggie aisle at Kroger (antioxidant reference)…

YHC impressed upon PAX that the third F encompasses servant leadership: putting others before yourself in your families or at work.  YHC then prayed us out.

Apparently, I am getting to be a little too predictable in my Thursday workouts when we made the left out of the parking lot, Alright expressed his lack of surprise.  Hey, it has been awhile since we had some track time, so I figured why not!  Not much mumblechatter as the workout gassed just about everyone.  YHC managed to pull his quads on the first 200m, which I will attribute to the Sex Panther sprints from last week (yes, I know that’s reaching).  By the third to last 200m, the PAX had successfully decoded my pattern, but that did not make the beat down any easier and inspired my late addition of the bleachers to wrap. 

Welcome to Olive Oyl as well!  Great having you out and look forward to seeing you in the gloom again soon.

1. CSAUP on Nov 1 @ 11:59p.  Rally point is Burleson Park.

  1. Q Source (Courage) tomorrow @ Preston Center. Exact location TBD.
  2. Second F golf outing Saturday @ Cedar Crest